Posted by Picasa5" X 5" oil on panel. $50.00


Butterfly Box

Posted by PicasaThis is a painting of my neighbor
Richard. He and his wife Carmen
have created wonderful scenery for
me to view just by looking out my
studio window. I took a photo of him
one day while he was painting his
new Butterly house.
7" x 5" oil on masonite. SOLD


Louisiana Magnolia

Posted by Picasa5" x 7" oil on masonite panel.
Can be purchased with paypal or with
personal check. $50.00


Zinnias at the Window

Posted by Picasa15"x 19" oil on canvas. $250.00
I will pay the shipping. You can purchase
this painting with Paypal or check.


Worthy Of Honor

22" x 30" Watercolor on d'Arches paper
This is another of my Tablescapes using
books to create a message. Some of you will
realize what it is about by the book titles.
This painting is SOLD


Pink Pot

5" x 5" oil on masonite panel.
$50 (includes shipping)
paypal or check.
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Family Pictures

This tablescape of books and
pictures was painted some time ago.
I love books and reading. This was
my bedside table at that time.
Click on the picture to see an
enlarged view.
30" x 22" watercolor on
d'Arches paper.
Paypal or check.

Storm's a Coming

Posted by Picasa5"x5" oil on masonite.

The Shed

Posted by Picasa8"x10" oil on canvas
My daughter Reba and son-in-law
Charlie live on several beautiful acres.
This is from a photo I took Saturday
when I was visiting at their 'Ties that
Bind Ranch'


Bird Dog Cotton

Cotton belongs to my daughter Joy. He has a
great personality and is loved dearly by the
whole family. The painting is a 24"x 20"
oil on canvas. nfs
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Irises Three

More of my neighbor's Irises. This is a
5"x 7" oil on masonite.
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Iris by Carmen

7"x 5" oil on panel
My neighbor Carmen grew this
beauty in her garden.
I get to appreciate all her hard
work just by lookin out my studio window.


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I will out of town and may not be posting for a while.
My daughter is having back surgery and I will be
with her as long as she needs me. I am taking my paints
and will try to post from her computer but I am not
sure I will be able to.


The Orange Bowl

8"x10" oil on stretched canvas.
The bowl is from my pottery collections.
This is the second in the series of Bowl
paintings. I guess the next one will be
The Sugar Bowl. I am absolutely NOT a
sports person but my dear friend Lin loves
all sports, especially football.
I had to call her to find out about all the
sports bowl. SOLD
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Looking Out

Posted by PicasaMy friend Emily is a wonderful decorator
She commissioned me to do this painting
for one of her clients. The painting is the view
you see when looking out their window. Emily's
husband Paul make the stretcher frame.
It is 40"x 19" oil on stretched canvas.


Toadily Relaxed

Posted by PicasaMy little frog guards my garden. I painted
this from a photo my grandson Jeremiah
took. The title was suggested by my daughter


Maureen's Rose

6"x 6" oil on panel.
Painted from a photo taken at
Chickamaw Farm. Maureen says
the name of this
flower is Knockout Rose.

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Yellow Teapot

6"x 6" oil on panel
My daughter Deb gave me this teapot.
She got it on one of her treasure hunts.
It fits in nicely with my other treasures
she has found for me. Thank you My Deb.
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Carmen's Iris


5"x7" oil on canvasboard
I am fortunate to be able to enjoy the
fruits of my neighbor's labor. They work
hard to keep beautifulflowers.
All I need to do is look out
my studio window and see the results
of their work. Thank you Richard and Carmen.


Louisiana Life

22"x 30" watercolor on 140 lb d'Arches paper. I painted
this several years ago when I had a studio in River Oaks
Art Center. I was painting more in watercolor at that time.
The painting is about Louisiana. It includes the
state flower, (magnolia) the state bird, (brown pelican)
and the state coffee (Community). I really don't
know if it is official but they adverise that they are
the state coffee. It is by far the most popular
coffee in Louisiana. I drink it every day.


Kentucky Hills

6"x 6" oil on primed Masonite
I painted this from a photo taken last summer.
My friend Lin and I went on a road trip up through
Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. It is a trip that
was planned many years ago, but life got in the way.


Carol's Things

20"x 24" oil on canvas. I painted this for
my friend Carol Ann several years ago. The teapot
is the one I put in the painting I posted a few days ago
title " In Memory of Carol Ann". All the things
on this tablescape belonged to her.

The Blue Bowl

16" x 20" oil on canvas.

Juciy Fruit

5"x 7" oil on masonite.
I am attempting a more impressionistic
style. When I compare these peaches with
the peaches I posted several weeks ago I think
I am getting a little looser.


My blogger isn't working and I have no idea what is wrong. I use the Picasa2 program and it has decided to not post the pictures of my paintings. I am still painting. Just can't put it on my blog. Posted by Picasa


Ken's Zinnias

6"x 7" oil on canvas covered masonite

Posted by PicasaMy daughter Debbie brought these
zinnias to me yesterday afternoon. They
are from her husband Ken's flower garden.